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The Distant Future

they are sending a rocket to europa
with spectrometers and cameras.
there is liquid water under twenty kilometers of ice
there may be some life! he watches as the lecturer
waves his hand at the projector screen of charts and graphs.
a boy in the front row wearing a rabbit-eared hat
wipes snot on his sleeve and shouts
that sounds really expensive!

they are sending a rocket to europa
he is sitting in her living room with a plate of cold pasta
as she recites the usual explanations
the one thousandth thousandth assurance that
he’s a good guy, really

they are sending a rocket to europa
they are dancing together
he clings to her body, her warmth
so close and familiar and
already three hundred and ninety point four
million miles away
underneath twenty kilometers of ice
drifting far away in the
infinite vast of space


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