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(twenty good things about me)
The Distant Future
i tie my shoelaces quick and i can sow a button on
at the fall festivals and pumpkin farms i can shuffle me feet along the leaves
i always pick the best apples from the tree
i can hum the bar to that song that plays in the coffee house
while students in their sweaters stare at laptops and let their paper cup lattes go cold
i always drink my cider piping hot and i look ok in a knit hat
i always kiss like i mean it because i always do
and open the car door to let you in
when the wind is blowing hard enough, i know the words
i plant watermelon seeds into air
and i pull lemons from your hair
i can dull a pencil with my sighs
i can cry for four hours straight and still make it to work on time
i can doowop and shimmyshake i always make a decent second pancake
my fingertips smell like lemon rinds and i have excellent taste in church gargoyles
i can make intelligent conversation on the subject of mincing garlic
i can ward off vampires and make lasagna
i can bawl my eyes out in the afternoon if you stroll down the avenue and whistle a tune
i can tie my shoelaces quick and i can tell you what triskadekaphobia means


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