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(over the moon)
The Distant Future
when we would walk in the forest she would recite the names of the plants and roots
and at bars where they hang neon lights on bare brick walls she liked beer and karaoke
and on lazy days we watched television shows about alien conspiracies
the artwork of her children on the hanging by strings around us.
the boy wants to be an engineer, she says, but shares her gift with plants, while the girl is more analytical, she says.
they both hated it when she suggested they use toothbrushes made from sticks.
we were making smores at a fire pit in her back yard and she told me about the totemic symbols of the herbalist schools
of spending a full year's worth of seasons in the woods to learn the languages of herbs
and to observe the cycles of their growth
"but when i searched for my spirit animal" she said looking into the fire and her eyes had a look that was so far away
"i only fell asleep."
and i think it was then i could feel the wind,
throwing leaves about the yard and rousing the fire,
and everything
blowing away


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