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(day 72)
The Distant Future

no i will not fall here,
sequestered in the wood
among the waterfalls and the ancient pipelines adorned with graffiti
among the brown leaves sinking under my pounding feet
and the barren branches of yesterday trees rushing past
i will not fall here, not without a fight
i will fight and i will lose but i will fight until the end
take in the burning oxygen
feel it white hot inside my chest beating to bursting
let my tears blaze back across my face like smoldering acid
leave a trail of anguish and longing and confusion and loneliness
i don't care!
do you hear me!
i will never stop fighting!
run this body ragged
tear it apart, break it down
until there is no breath left in my lungs and my legs buckle underneath me
even then i will crawl
dig my fingers in the dirt, creep among the soil and stones like a useless worm
until the light goes out!
until there's nothing left!
i will lose i will lose i will lose i will die here i don't care don't care don't care
damn it all!
i will keep fighting! i'll never stop!


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