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(moonlight at the waterfall)

there is a different world at night
where the leaf-laden path emerges from the dark with each step
and the trees are slender phantoms
their white bodies glowing
and all around the sound of black water rushing
you can hear a pebble skitter on the trail behind you
and imagine that it is one thousand different monsters
above, the clouds are ghosts and the sky is black;
the moonlight on the cliffs makes them ghostly and the shadow is black;
the stone on the gorge is ghosts and the water is black;
it is a world of ghosts and darkness and whispers in the cold wind
and if you look long enough at the shining moon
you imagine you can see the shape of the orb fading into shadow

you'll imagine the thousands and thousands
and thousands of miles of ghosts and darkness from the Earth
the gravitational constant, the speed of rotation, the movements of orbits and celestial bodies
the interstellar light
spinning around in the cosmos
you'll realize the ground is moving, the world is turning so fast that you can't hold on
you'll fly off the planet
rocket off into space like a comet

circle around Saturn, bounce off a meteor
somewhere around Omega Centauri you stop at a diner and order a grilled cheese
someone asks you where you're from
you can no longer remember


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